With each passing year, automobile manufacturers increase the number of individual and extra options available for their models.

Today, the utility of a car configurator is well-known: the configurator is an effective tool used in the sales process and helps the client in faster choosing his preferred configuration, leading him to the proper dealers. It has an important contribution to the marketing policies of manufacturers and dealers world-wide.

The idea of a 3D car configurator came to Bluemind Software's owner, Dr., dipl. eng. Bogdan DEAKY, in 2005, when even 2D car configurators were a rarity. Inspired by earlier involvement in the development of CAD/CAM software systems, he imagined a 3D application where the user can immerse himself/herself in an interactive virtual world where he/she can customize the dream car and even interact with it.

Effective development begun in early 2006, when there were enough resources and knowledge, but not before conducting a study regarding the most suitable technologies. This way, 3DCar allows for a maximum of innovative features, made available to the largest possible public.

3DCar is a project built with passion and features a set of innovations of which the most important is the full interactivity (users can click parts of the car to interact with them - open doors, trunk, hood etc.). A very important fact is that it runs fluently even on 5-6 year old computers.

It was recently disclosed to public in an exclusive online preview. The latest stable version can be seen on public display at YouTube and on the project's website (please follow the links bellow).

To see the exclusive preview, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAyBxux_f-M.

The project's website is http://www.3DCarConfigurator.com.

The YouTube channel where you can see all 3DCar videos as they are uploaded is http://www.youtube.com/user/BluemindSoftware.